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The band is hard to tighten on own. I usually need help with extra hands when putting it back on. Other than that, I love it. Recieved just days ago. Set up I needed some help in since it really wouldn't connect to my bluetooth on phone.

Fitbit Charge 3

Works great, tracks great, stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Very happy with my purchase so far. I really like it alot. Still learning all the "bells and whistles". I don't necessarily like the limited exercise option and the Fitbit app signs me out randomly.

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Other than that its great! I've had this Fitbit for some time now, I've found it to be effective.

Best Fitbit: We help you choose the right one for your lifestyle

Keep scrolling for more info on the Ionic. For those looking for an unobtrusive and cheaper entry into the Fitbit world, the Flex 2 is it. The Fitbit Ionic is the fitness tracker for those who want it all.

It even offers personal coaching for workouts directly on the watch. All of that functionality comes at a cost—the Ionic has a price tag that puts it in the same range as the Apple Watch and Android Wear watches. However, this fitness tracker has an advantage over smartwatches: its battery life. The Ionic will keep chugging along for up to four days, while most smartwatches last an average of a day. To sum up, if your focus is more on having the best fitness tracker that can also support a handful of smartwatch-like functions, then the Ionic is the device for you.

The cheapest Fitbit Charge 3 prices and deals in October | TechRadar

Like the Ionic, the Fitbit Versa 2 tracks most everything: steps, sleep, heart-rate; floors climbed; and specific exercises like running and swimming. All the information in the Fitbit mobile and desktop apps lives right on your wrist. It also has similar smartwatch-like features. What makes the Versa 2 a stronger option over the Ionic is its size and price. It's smaller, weighs less, and costs a hundred dollars less than its sibling, and it still provides four days of battery life.

You can save even more cash if you go with the Versa Lite version that drops a few of the features aimed at hardcore athletes. Overall, if your smartwatch needs are fairly light, this tracker is a solid, affordable alternative to a more expensive Apple Watch or Android Wear device.

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Made just for kid-sized wrists, the Ace has all the basic functions a kid would want to reach her daily step and sleep goals. But sometimes it's difficult to use. Fitbit's fashionable fitness band tracks activity and sleep seamlessly, accurately, and affordably. Fitbit just made the slimmest fitness band with continuous heart rate monitoring. With expanded sleep features and week-long battery life, it's a near-perfect activity tracker.

Fitbit redesigned its popular Charge fitness tracker, adding a larger touchscreen OLED display, interchangeable bands, and new features like relaxation reminders and a cardio fitness score.

FitBit Charge HR Review

The Blaze has all of Fitbit's best features, but looks a little too much like a second-rate Apple Watch. The Fitbit Charge 3 doesn't have all of the functionality of the Ionic or Versa, but it's smart enough to become your go-to wearable. Fitbit upgraded its basic Flex band with water resistance for swim-tracking, but its step counts require manual tweaking to achieve accurate automatic exercise-tracking. Fitbit's new Ionic smartwatch is a smart fitness tracker but lacks intelligence as a smartwatch.

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