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Advanced Installer is built on standard, open formats. The project files are saved as XML files for easy integration with source control systems. It also offers three additional licensing levels for more sophysticated needs: Professional, For Java and Enterprise. The 4. Various new features include a brand new built-in dialog for selecting the Start Menu group for installing shortcuts, additional Patch Compatibility Tests for easier patch authoring, support for MSDE installation and dialog initialization events in MSI User Interface.

The Advanced Installer application itself has been updated in many areas including User Interface, execution level and configuration to ensure flawless operation on Microsoft Windows Vista. Download: Advanced Installer Professional 4. What's new in Advanced Installer 4.

Tags Software Advanced Installer Professional. Auto theme Default theme Darkside theme. Community Activity Refresh. Trending Stories. Show Comments Sort by oldest first thread view Sort by newest first thread view Sort by oldest first linear view Sort by newest first linear view. As you proceed through your conversations with your three installers and their references - especially if you cannot confirm that your candidates are Certified Tile Installers - be on the lookout for warning signs.

You can't ask too many questions. Questions help anticipate issues and ensure a better overall experience and final installation. Here are some possible questions to consider:. If you have any detail work in mind, require that the contractor provide a mockup a physical example of the tile shade variation, pattern if specified, grout color, grout joint size, and color-coordinating sealant. If you have tile with extreme color variation i.

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A mockup helps here, too. In the tile world, mockups should be used as a tool by the tile contractor to obtain the approval of the owner and possibly also the architect, designer, and general contractor - all important specifier constituents for the end project. If the completion date is exceeded, what provisions are in place to handle the delay and who will pay for the extra work? What does it take to ensure that you have a quality tile installation? All tile installations, both residential and commercial, will move with temperature and humidity variations.

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Be certain that all parties involved in the project including the architect, the specifier, the designer, the salesperson and the tile installer know and understand the critical use and placement of expansion joints. The use of premium quality bonding materials is money well spent. The cost to move to a premium material normally is only pennies per square foot. Tile Industry experts agree this is one of the easiest insurance policies for preventing installation problems.

All types of setting materials are available in various performance levels to meet the requirements of the job. Contact the setting material manufacturer for products with the specific characteristics and performance levels necessary for success. To provide a flat ceramic or stone tile installation, carpenters, masons, concrete installers, and other trades must meet the tile industry standards for flatness tolerances.

If substandard surfaces are encountered, they must be corrected before installation begins. Otherwise, you will not have a quality tile installation. Ceramic tile installations require a stiff or rigid surface. In some cases, installations, including natural stone, may require additional subflooring, wall studs or bracing.

Realize that the substrate for natural stone tile installations must be twice as rigid as that for a ceramic or porcelain tile installation. The additional subflooring most likely will raise the level of the tile floor above those of adjacent flooring materials. This difference should be addressed and become mutually agreeable before installation begins. A mockup will be helpful in this process. This refers to the contact area of the bonding material thin-bed mortars, large and heavy tile mortars or epoxy adhesives with both the back of the tile and the surface being tiled.

Spot bonding most times leads to broken and hollow-sounding tiles. Tiles which are not precisely the same size from tile to tile will necessitate larger grout joints to better disguise variances and therefore present an overall uniform appearance.

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Jobsite environmental conditions can have a serious impact on the success or failure of a tile installation. Many products used in tile installations require that the temperature and humidity be maintained within a specific range and duration. Allow a tile installation to cure sufficiently per the manufacturer's recommendations before exposing it to moisture, traffic, temperature changes or overlaying products. Otherwise it will not perform as a quality tile installation. The amount of time required will vary based on site conditions and the specific materials being used.

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Cracks in concrete and other areas of movement should be treated with a crack isolation membrane to help eliminate cracked tiles. If you're having porcelain tile installed and you're looking for confirmation or validation that the project will be completed correctly, where do you go? Tile is beautiful, versatile, easily maintained, and it has a rich history. It is also a practical product which must be installed correctly.

It's helpful to know where to find installation resources so you can comprehensively evaluate your installer's skill and knowledge before he or she is hired to complete your dream installation. Here are the primary tile industry standards, methods and guidelines used for the proper installation of ceramic, porcelain, glass, and stone tiles. These standards and guidelines are extensive in that they cover many types of installations using proven best practices, methods, techniques and materials recommended for a variety of structures and substructures. For example, ANSI A defines the acceptable lippage a condition where the edge of a tile is higher than that of an adjacent tile, giving the finished surface an uneven appearance for installed Pressed Floor and Porcelain Tile that has been tested and passed the required minimum standards for ceramic tile found in ANSI A The Reference Manual is a comprehensive blend of the knowledge, experience, research, and development of the NTCA Technical Committee members, which includes ceramic tile contractors, consultants, distributors, manufacturers and others associated with the tile industry.

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The purpose of the Reference Manual is to identify recurring tile and stone installation challenges, recognize potential problems, and gain consensus from industry experts on workable solutions to these challenges. For quality-oriented tile contractors, these standards will be a guide for all of their ceramic tile installations. They are all available for purchase by the consumer, whether they be residential or commercial, and will provide direction relating to the best method available. Installers of this caliber own, understand, and use the tile industry standards listed above.

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They include the following:. A qualified tile installer will know how to compensate for this inherent w arpage, so any lippage is within this tile industry accepted tolerance. Shade variation can and does occur with ceramic and porcelain tiles. It can also happen as a result of new tile trends where designs purposely exhibit substantial variation in color and texture from tile to tile. Consumers of tile products need to understand what shade variation is and how it can affect a tile installation.

On the commercial side, this research many times is done by the architect or specifier. On the residential side, consumers, unless working with a designer, need to investigate tile shading which can be very subtle, while others vary widely. Oftentimes, a visual on shade variation is worth a thousand words.

Look for it and refer to it when making selection decisions.

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This chart, as shown in Table 3 below, ranges from V0 zero which exhibits no shade range detectable by the average eye to the potentially extremely varied color and tone of a V4. Be especially cautious of making a tile selection from a color photo or image online. While being a great way to save time, there is nothing like seeing, touching, experiencing, and knowing all about the selection before the tile is ordered.

Additionally, a computer or tablet monitor may not be color perfect. There's no recourse once the tile is installed, except to remove it and start over. When c onsumers select tile without the assistance of a knowledgeable installer or salesperson to guide and counsel them on how the end result might look, problems can develop.